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Estruch Luthiers since 1880

It was the desire of taking the guitar to a category of great concert instrument, which in 1880 took Juan Estruch Rosell to create this firm.

The tradition was continued by his son Juan Estruch Sastre who takes charge of the workshop at the end of the Spanish Civil War.

Later passed into the hands of his son Juan Estruch Pipó. After his death, without descendants, it passed into the hands of his latest foreman Rafael Montes Ramirez, who was apprenticed at the age of 14 years. Current visible head of the company with the widow of the late Mr. Estruch.

The workshop Estruch is the oldest of Catalonia and the second oldest in Spain and has served as a nursery for other famous luthiers. We can count about 40 in all history, of which still exist a dozen spread across Catalonia, rest of Spain and South America.

We must emphasize the dynamic role for culture guitarist who had the Estruch House in his workshop Carrer Ample, highlighting the sixties, splendor of "La Nova Cançó Catalana". All artists of that time went through the workshop, finding him a place to meet and chat.

Likewise, the Estruch House has in its modesty, participated as a "sponsor" guitarristicos numerous festivals, both nationally and internationally, helping many artists to record their first album.