The wineskin
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Usage and Upkeep

Usage and upkeep

Usage and upkeep

Remember: if you heed all of these recommendations, then you will have a perfect wineskin for years to come.

Looking after your wineskin
When the wineskin is to be out of use for a period of time, you should deflate it and block the nozzle with a piece of cloth or paper to prevent the pitch from staining the thread on the nozzle. The wineskin should be kept on its side to prevent the pitch from running.
When you are going to use it again, inflate it with the same care as the first time.

VERY IMPORTANT: do not grease your wineskin


Wineskins which contain pitch always require some minimum care procedures in order to ensure performance.
The length of time the wineskin lasts and the use which can be made of it basically depend on these procedures.
The most frequent problem is “sticking”. What is “sticking”? “Sticking” is when the two inner faces of the wineskin stick together for some reason and the pitch is ripped off one or both faces on trying to undo them. When this happens, the wineskin may no longer be waterproof and any wine it contains may leak.
How to prevent it. When the inner faces of the wineskin stick together, they must be separated with great care. The best way to do this is by heating the wineskin until the pitch softens enough to allow the wineskin to be inflated without resistance by blowing gently through the nozzle. In the event of difficulty, warm water may be poured into the wineskin through the wide section of the nozzle to achieve the desired effect.
If you observe these simple instructions properly, then you will be able to enjoy your wineskin for a long time to come.

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