The wineskin
Las Tres Z.Z.Z.

The Wineskin


The beginnings of our company can be traced back to the last third of the XIX century, more precisely in 1873, when Gregorio Pérez left Almudévar (Huesca) to settle in the city of Pamplona.
Already a reputed wineskin-maker, Pérez was immediately called on by Eusebio Iglesias, a well-known expert in the trade and owner of a wineskin business, to enter in partnership and manufacture the wineskins which where destined to bring them international fame.
They shared their know-how and the same trademark until the dawn of the new century, when in 1902, Pérez bought Iglesias’ share in the company, changing its name to LAS TRES Z.Z.Z. (The Three Z's: after the Spanish word "zagalas": Eng: "lasses") on the birth of his female triplets (an extraordinary phenomenon at the time) on the 1st of February 1916.

The age-old maxim of a job well done has not allowed time to take a toll on the stubborn holding-to-principles of the company’s founder and we can proudly state that QUALITY has always been and still is the force behind this company, now in its fourth generation, which drives it on to excel itself each day at work.

LAS TRES Z.Z.Z. has been and still is the most important, international, reference point for wineskins. The use of first-rate, raw materials, the effort put into the painstaking, manufacturing process which forms the backbone of our day-to-day work and constant quality controls all mean that we can guarantee an exemplary product whose prestige has been acknowledged worldwide for many years. As Sirmond said "There are five reasons why men drink: good wine, a friend, because I 'm dry, or lest I should be by and by, or any other reason why".
But when it comes to a drink from a LAS TRES Z.Z.Z. wineskin, all five are superfluous.

Hemingway (left) during one
of his visits to Pamplona.

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